Saturday, 14 December 2013

Unschooling In the Eyes of the Public

I found the following quote on Encyclopedia Dramatica, but the general idea of unschooling is so ignorant that it might as well be one big joke like that website.

"Unschooling is the process of having your kids run around doing whatever the fuck they want and by some means they will become educated. Now "whatever the fuck they want" does seem a little vague so let me offer an example. In a traditional school environment kids go to school where they learn various subject materials along with social interaction skills. In unschool, kids run around the house, watch t.v., and do nothing worthwhile. This will some how give them all the skills they will ever need to become productive members of society. 

I'll cut right to the chase:
  • Compulsory schooling has not existed until the last couple centuries, yet our ancestors had no trouble socializing or working before then.
  • Many graduates are as underemployed or unemployed as dropouts. Nevermind how most people are emotionally unintelligent and their relationships fail to last. Apparently, school forgot to educate them where it counts.
  • Self-education exists. Just because some graduates needed their hands held when they were kids, doesn't mean all children have to be told what, when, where, and how to learn.
  • The only thing holding unschoolers back are employers who can't look past formal schooling. Thankfully, there are just as many businesses who care solely about profit, so if an unschooler is the best of hopefuls they'll get the job.

It seems like many citizens are so 'educated' that they cannot differentiate between school and education. 'Unschooling' then translates to 'uneducating.' It's so easy for me to make the distinction, but it seemingly boggles most people so I've grown weary of explaining. If there's one 'skill' public school rarely fails to teach, it's how to bolt one's mind from the inside.

Mocking youth and anyone who walks a different path... If that's the behavior from a productive member of society, I'm proud to be left out.

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