Sunday, 15 December 2013

Homophones and Schooling

You know how lots of graduates still mix up their homophones? I don't measure someone's intellect based solely on their writing, but it's quite ironic when they struggle with something that was second nature to me by 3rd grade, if not sooner. Technically, graduating school was supposed to mean they're superior to a dropout like me at math, science, socials, and English. Yet, this Asian ESL dropout is a better writer than most graduates. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now here's a site called 'Learn Your Damn Homophones.' The site states, "It’s about time that everyone learned their damn homophones. If you slept your way through the fourth grade or just skipped all of the grammar lectures because you were too busy sucking off that dude in the locker room, then maybe this table will help clear up some of the fucking confusion."

The idea is that by applying yourself in school's English class, you will be decently literate. If only that were the case. Correct usage of homophones come subconsciously to me, because I've been reading at a young age. The catch is that everything I read was not from school. I had my parents buy or borrow the novels that interested me. All school did was waste my time and energy on books I couldn't care less about. The more you force subjects like literature on youth, the more they'll hate to read or write, and that's why they fuck up their damn homophones.

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