Friday, 13 December 2013

How To Tell If A Feminist Is A Poseur

 The following is all quoted from here:
96% of women won't date man shorter than themselves
"But I've noticed that the subject of male height has the capacity to turn even the most open-minded and feminist of my friends into straight-up bitches. The general consensus around the table that night was no short guy is ever gonna get it, no way, no how, ugh, never never never never, with the kind of vehemence that would make me feel sick to my stomach if directed at a woman's size or shape by a group of men. Even for the short women of the group, it wasn't enough that a guy be taller than them -- he had to be objectively TALL, even if that meant towering over them."
This is why I don't take feminism seriously, at least third wave. You can't espouse the abolishment of traditional gender roles and deride men who attempt to enforce or abide by them, while having 96% of your gender cling to them to justify height bigotry because of insecurity. I agree with whoever said in the comments that 96% is not found in nature and is predominantly cultural brainwashing. It's only getting worse with the way the media/movies/TV are pushing it even more btw. I wouldn't be surprised to see that 96% figure climb up closer to 98 or 99% in the next twenty five years.
A comment I recently saw explained it best:
"This is actually incredibly common in my experience. I've encountered many women who were a certain "type" of person in all areas of their personality except for dating preferences. When it came to dating, they were someone else. They could be the most radically feminist, intellectually sound person, but when it came to choosing a mate they turned into a neanderthal. They needed their man to be tall, broad-shouldered, confident and assertive. I think a lot of it has to do with modern women wanting their cake and eating it too - they want the benefits of a traditional society where men are expected to cater to women for their approval and women are generally not held responsible for any wrongdoing; at the same time they want the benefits of being in a progressive society where women have all of the same opportunities and freedom as men."
End quote. What a great game romance and courting is.


  1. Well, I apologize for being tall. I guess I will just crawl under that rock over there and die.

    1. You didn't choose your height. Some random assholes created this bias ages ago. Just watch out for shallow people. There are some who would completely flip their opinion if you shrunk a foot.