Instant Attraction: Giant Phallac Edition

Let's talk about dicks some more. That seems to be what cool guys do, and I'm a pretty cool guy.

"Size absolutely does matter to women. In the eyes of the majority of women, the man who has a bigger penis is instantly more attractive. It’s okay to question how morally right or wrong this sort of thinking is, but the fact of the matter is this is how it is. There’s no changing it, so the only thing men can do is go with it.
The size doesn’t matter way of thinking came as more of a justification for a smaller penis than anything else. But through the use of a penis extender, it’s possible to increase the size of the penis. The worst thing any man can do when confronted with this myth is to ignore the truth. They are destroying their relationship potential and their chances of future happiness." - Source

The author stays away from terms like "naturally," so that's good. I will also agree how a massive dong will more likely make a girl's jaw drop more than a micropenis.

This leaves out what ensues after she sees the dick, and that's the part where they scramble for lube and it still hurts, but that's not my point.

I'm only writing this because I equate the superior penis to the fascination with a man's car or income. Women are told growing up that bigger is better. I still think that's why the initial impression is so positive, whether or not the big dong actually works.

Of course, many would disagree and claim the fascination is all biological, but whatever. I don't plan on writing an essay on this topic again.

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  1. "The size doesn’t matter way of thinking came as more of a justification for a smaller penis than anything else."

    Because obviously, guys choose what size their dicks will be.