Thursday, 26 December 2013

Just Say You Wanted to Fuck

People like this are everywhere:

"I miss my last boyfriend sometimes. I don't really know why we broke up. I think I just wanted to feel the feeling of falling in love again, and I wasn't getting it with him. That relationship had a lot of romance and excitement -- we had a romantic "how we met" story and it was very love-at-first-sight. He decided to move across the country to be with me when we had known each other for maybe 1 month? And we had a happy, beautiful life together. 

There was 1 specific fight that led to us breaking up, but I think underneath that I was just bored with the relationship and I felt like it had run its course. I think if I had stuck with him and worked things out we could have been happy together forever."

"Love." Probably the most haphazardly applied word of all time. I've already posted about the difference between lust and love, but I want to elaborate on how nice it'd be if more people would differentiate the two.

After all, is casual sex not encouraged and 'normal' in modern society? Just have sex for days then part ways. Some people do that already, but most are too scared of being labeled. Again, promiscuity is cool these days so have no fear.

Just please don't say you're "in love" because if you were, you'd not separate so easily, let alone willingly. It seems like faithfulness and loyalty only exist in fiction. Anything else is only heat between legs.

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