Monday, 23 December 2013

Desirability of Men and Women Based On Race

If this graph isn't good enough, then you can find others on Google from okcupid and similar sources. Results tend to be the same, with White men and Asian women on top, and Asian or Black men trading the bottom spots. Black women are always at the bottom.

I think it's funny how the most glamorized women on TV (Asian) and the least (Black) just happen to be reflected in real life dating surveys. You can see many comments here claiming this is simply a case of the media being true to reality, and there is no prejudice whatsoever. Many of us men are just programmed by nature to prefer Asian women, so that's why they're all over TV. Convenient.

Being a crazy conspiracy theorist and all that, I'll make the radical claim that people are influenced by what they see. The more Asian women are sexualized on television, and the more Black women are made to seem rude and ghetto, the more biases there will be in the dating game.

We're talking about products of the Prussian school system here, so I don't give most people much credit when it comes to critical thinking or instincts. They just do what's deemed acceptable, and more importantly, desirable. Based on both Western and Asian media, Asian women are probably the most promoted, so what do you think men will gun for?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: this dating game has been rigged before many of us were born. Success is certainly not unattainable, but many of us have to try twice as hard as others for the same results or less.

Saying "life isn't fair" is a fun cliche, but I think it's technically incorrect. This is more like "society isn't fair." Stereotypes are everywhere, but according to some people, they exist because most are true. It's usually the sole ethnic group with no stereotypes saying this, but that's a whole different topic.

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