Thursday, 12 December 2013

Are You Short? Just Move to Asia!

"THE human rights watchdog said Wednesday it is discriminatory for matchmaking agencies to ban the membership of short men despite claims that such marriage seekers rarely succeed in tying the knot, reports Yonhap News Agency.

The National Human Rights Commission received a complaint last December from a South Korean man who had been rejected by two Seoul agencies for being too short at 1.58 meters. The rights panel later discovered that the companies were only accepting applicants measuring 1.65 meters or more, allegedly because few female members wished to meet short men.

One of the agencies claimed that despite the policy, men shorter than 1.7 meters rarely made it to the altar. "Restricting access to their services for physical characteristics that are beyond one's control is a violation of human dignity and corresponds to discrimination by putting someone at a disadvantage for no logical reason," Yonhap quoted the commission as saying.

"Although a certain trait can have a considerable effect on a man or woman's choice of spouse, it is excessive to restrict membership due to a particular trait as various factors are usually considered when choosing a partner," it added, saying that the agencies have been advised to change their policies.

According to Yonhap last November, a female guest on a TV show called men shorter than 1.8 meters "losers" in response to a question about dating short men. The remark sparked public outrage and prompted a series of claims against the broadcaster for mental damages."

Do not move to Asia (especially Korea) if you are short. Despite being shorter than Westerners, Asia exemplifies extreme heightism along with other superficialities. They fucking worship height. Just trust me.

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