Thursday, 12 December 2013

Height Prejudice: Biological or Social?

I quoted the following from a comment here:

"Women like tall men because that's the heterosexual norm, not because they are biologically programmed to. It's something that women grow up being taught to prefer, growing up learning to judge men based on their height(or how well they fit into a certain stereotype). Most men don't really care about height, the ones that do are typically traditionalists that are affected by those those same influences and social expectations.
What's worse though, I think, are the people who just say "tough luck. can't do anything about it. girls just biologically love tall men. Short men are just fucked and should have to learn to live alone, unloved and unappreciated". Short men aren't the problem though. This social view of a heterosexual couple(i.e. man having to be the taller/assertive one and the woman being the shorter/submissive one) is the problem. The vast majority of women, and the few men, who reinforce these sexist gender roles/expectations, through their preferences(even when they are consciously aware of how those preferences are driven by nothing more than following a traditional double-standard), are the problem.
Truth is, it is no better for a woman to judge a man for his height, or this perceived ability for him to be a good dominator/protector/provider(antiquated, sexist and harmful gender roles and expectations), than it would be for a man to judge a woman for her ability to fit in the confines of antiquated, sexist or harmful gender roles and expectations against women. Especially not when height isn't really a true measure of a man's capability or character to begin with. This goes for any other character or trait that women demand, or over-value, simply for the sake of tradition. Men shouldn't have to be assertive, confident, loud, strong or never insecure, simply because they are men. At the very least, if men are to be judged for these traits, then so should women(generally, women are not judged or penalized for lacking in these traits, and society will place that blame or expectations onto men)."

We're going to discuss the biological aspect of heightism (again), because it's the only excuse I see women use aside from admitting they're shallow. I'll sum up the two real reasons why I think heightism is a social construct:

1. Most women seemingly prefer some tall lanky guy over a stout power lifter. If both of them were forced to survive in the wild, the latter would objectively fare better. Still, the 5'6 powerlifter would immediately be stonewalled by most women even if he is the strongest male in the room, because he is not the most popular arm accessory. Nature is about survival of the fittest, but society is about survival of the tallest (men).

2. This brings me to my next point: really tall women are deemed unattractive. I'm not even talking about 'model tall,' I mean women about 6'5". If society's worship of tall humans is biological, why do we not idolize tall women the way we do tall males? Is the tall woman not a better hunter than her small counterparts? Perhaps it's gender norms which dictate women to be weak and petite, so what else would I expect, but for the ideal couple to be a tall guy and a short girl?

It's just always so hypocritical, when women who preach of equality still judge men on their height. I will never get tired of yapping on it, for the gender binary is one big joke. Part of me pities how hard people try to convince themselves that their size bias is biological. My other part that writes these posts spits on them all.

On the other hand, here's an additional quote that made me feel better:

"So call them shallow.
That is shallow.
Not as if height is something you can change, like you can weight.
And don't think these are the words of a man who is bitter about his height and wants to bully fat chicks.
I was a fat chick. When my SO & I got together, I was almost 100kg. I lost over a third of that weight, and now I'm healthy & happy.
People do treat me differently now, that's just reality. Some people are shallow. Reality. We can all be shallow at times, I'm sure."

It's actually rare for a woman to say height requirements are shallow. Normally you get some little girl coming in to lecture the short men about how 'everyone has preferences so height bias isn't shallow.' I must educate this type of lass that preferences based on personality are not shallow. However, any preference based on an uncontrollable physical trait is shallow. That's what the fucking word means: you're superficial. I have a few preferences on appearance myself, but I'm not going to claim they're not shallow. How full of shit does someone have to be to convince themselves that judging based on looks isn't shallow?

Besides, most of the time, a woman technically has a height requirement rather than a preference. You can prefer one flavor of ice cream, but that doesn't mean it's the only one you'll ever eat. With dating though, it's taller men or no men for 96% of women.

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