Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Why Spreading Modern Day Heightism Is Dangerous

As with other forms of bigotry, heightism divides people along a line of importance due to physical appearance instead of intelligence or skill level.
It implies that shortness is an unusual form of the human race, even though short people in all races have been around for thousands of years, and will continue in the future. This is apparent in the abundance of Human Growth Hormones injected into healthy short kids.
Heightism divides men and women by creating a narrow-minded view of attractiveness. By claiming the ideal man is 'tall, dark, and handsome,' it automatically eliminates all shorter males as the optimal mate, no matter how good they are.
It can cause some societies that worship height to choose leaders that are less capable and less effective in their abilities to lead a country in a positive direction.

It can create racist attitudes and stereotypes between races and ethnic groups, due to differences in average height. Many regard native Hispanics and Asians as physically inferior due to a lower average height than White countries.

Media images of what the ideal man and woman should look like has had an impact on how today's society views the opposite sex. Height, weight, skin tone, etc. This causes insecurity in anyone who does not fit the standard.
On the other hand, people have said this is 'conspiracy theory bullshit' even though it's in plain sight. Take that as you will.

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