Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Kind of Bastard I Hate

This is the typical reply you see whenever anyone talks about social issues, like being an Asian male:

"I’m an asian male with a beautiful white wife and just can’t stand to come across fellow asian bros who are so low on self esteem that they need to dedicate a shamelessly self promoting blog attacking every other race. This is usually done by short guys (I’m 6’1)
Talk about a chip……
The difference between you and I is that I grew from those experiences and expect my fellow asian brethren to have done the same. I’m 30 for goodness sake and if you’re anywhere close to me, let it go. Get rid of the chip.
I feel great when I walk down the street with my wife and get dirty stares…the nastier the better, however the jealousy manifests itself"
- Found it from some random blog

Two things to start with. First, this guy stereotypes short men. What a shocker. The irony is that he was responding to a 5'10" man. Secondly, this person pretends to be so content and mature, but he brings up his white wife like she's a trophy. Creepy.

This is what we face whenever social issues are brought up. It can be about anything: ethnicity, gender, height, weight, age, education, etc. There are people who confuse complacency with maturity, and they come in basically saying, "shut up and smile."

This world would be so different, if every human ignored the truths around them. I wonder how many people told 5'6 Martin Luther King he was a short guy with low self-esteem and a chip on his shoulder. MLK may be dead now, but he's probably laughing in his grave at the ones who "let it go."

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