Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Heightism Isn't Natural Part III

I had already written a post on the 'natural' aspect of heightism, and another on how prejudice has always been linked to instinct, but I've found a couple more quotes to elaborate on.

"People need to stop making biological and primitive comparisons with humans. We are the ONLY species on Earth that is brainwashed. Honestly, how much instinct do you think any of us have? Women wanting to feel protected is more of a traditional woman perspective. Women who want this, generally also want to be housewives and play the submissive role." 

"Maybe a hundred years ago this would have still been a valid excuse, but this talk of primitive feelings is bullshit at this point. It's not real, humanity has surpassed its primitive monkey feelings and the ONLY time it's brought up is when 1. It's learned about in school and 2. When a woman is called on her bullshit.
Rape is primitive, so is territorial pissing. You don't see men knocking women over the head with big clubs and dragging them to "their" part of the sidewalk every now and again, do you? It's bullshit and I'm expressing equality when I'm telling women to drop it and grow the fuck up.
If they want to get all primitive and feel protected they can put a fucking apron on and forfeit their right to vote just like the olden days they so apparently want to partake in."

The part I bolded is the most important. Humanity has a history of being utterly and literally brainwashed.

Back when Blacks were slaves, there were scientific studies 'proving' their inferiority. People said it was only 'natural' that they serve the superior race.

Likewise, homophobes often use nature as their reasoning against gays. Humans could not breed functionally if we were all homosexuals, could we?

There was a time when thicker women were considered more attractive than their skinny counterparts, because it showed who was wealthy enough to eat. Now, in a world where one could gain 10 pounds in the blink of an eye, slim women are the attractive standard.

I won't get into foot binding, but there was a time when THIS was considered the attractive standard.

Small penises used to be preferred over big ones. We know that's certainly not the case today.

Finally, studies show that more than half of women prefer a circumcised penis. This shows how something unnatural can be so normalized that half of a gender will prefer it, to the point where they think the natural state is "ugly" or "weird." Many claim they have only been exposed to cut males, which is why they prefer them, and that leads to my main point.

Humans are shaped by what they see and hear. If we tell young girls how tall men are better for their entire lives, what exactly do you think they'll want as adults? Sort of like how people keep saying Asian men have small penises, so even Asian women buy into it now. No matter how ridiculous the claim, repeat it enough times and the masses will regard it to be true. "School is good," anyone? Not to mention the sayings in our language like "fall short of, shortcoming, look up to, head and shoulders above, stand tall, etc." A lifetime of this will nail a message into our heads that taller is better and shortness is failure. It would be naive to assume otherwise.

This isn't a complicated concept, but it goes over the heads of many 'educated' women and their tall boyfriends. They don't want to believe their shallowness stems from their own will. It's easier to sleep at night by blaming prejudice on instinct. Like the quotes at the start said, we either judge each other from the inside like civilized beings, or go full caveman and live as racist, homophobic, sexist, heightist neanderthals. There should be no double standard in equality.

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