Saturday, 9 November 2013

Why Does the Guy Have to Change Who He Is?

I saw a young man say the following:

"So basically a person who doesn't have a Superman jaw and isn't an extrovert has to live a lie if he's not tall? That's not a good message to send.
And why is it always like this? Why does a guy have to change who he is? Why have I never heard this type of shit being said to a girl? Hell, no matter how rotten a girl she'll still most likely have had boyfriends.
So there you have it. If you're a short little fucker, you better be funny, very handsome and muscular. You better be the center of attention wherever we go or else fuck you, Tally McNopersonality gets me.
Also don't you dare show any signs of being human and having emotions. Man up, pussy."

People didn't like reading this, and berated him for being bitter. I, on the other hand, handle the harsh truth well. All this person did was present some legitimate questions (that apply to all males, not just the short ones).

I know a few boys who are very nice, but girls completely brush off their advances due to appearance. Yes, the girls said this privately and the gossip got around. No, I'm not saying girls are obligated to give any guy a chance. My point is, these guys aren't the strongest, bravest, or the most popular, but they're good men. Yet that's never enough.

You always hear people telling boys who struggle with relationships to, "be more confident, approach more girls, go work out, buy new clothes, change your hair, etc." On the other hand, girls simply get a, "you'll find someone" and lots of support. Even overweight girls (who can lose weight) get people telling her to find a guy who isn't shallow, while short/minority men (who have no control over their genetics) are told to "man up, pussy." Why does the male always have to compromise? Do all shy, introverted nice guys have to lie in order to find company? More importantly, if they do change, is the girl falling in love with the obnoxious, buff asshole on the outside, or the nice guy within?

None of this is about me, because girls have only said I'm cold or 'too mature,' not that I'm shy or lack confidence. I do have a muscular physique and carry myself proudly. That's not the point. It's simply funny how society says only one type of men should be attractive: the extroverted kind. Men always have to court the women, because it's 2013 and we're still rooted in traditional gender roles.

I await the day this gender binary becomes nonexistent, and people can find love as themselves. It'll probably never happen, and divorce and breakup rates will continue to rise. So to the shy boys, y'all better start lifting weights and flirting like desperate jerks. I've seen it work, so if you don't value authenticity, go for it. All that matters is getting laid, right?

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