Thursday, 7 November 2013

Heightism & Patriarchy


"Often heterosexual women, who have internalized the pervasive myth of tallness, see tall men as more attractive, powerful, and masculine and on the flip side, short men as “less successful, less capable, less confident, less outgoing” (Rauch n.p.). These same women, taught to perform femininity, may feel discomfort in engaging in romantic entanglements with shorter men."

"Interestingly, the short male is also punished for attempts to remasculinize himself. If a short man attempts to reclaim his masculinity, or is assertive on a regular basis, “he’s seen as having Napoleonic tendencies,” according to clinical psychologist David Weeks (qtd. in Rauch), and therefore has a “Napoleon Complex,” a term coined by researcher of psychology Alfred Adler in 1956 (Martel and Biller 12)"

Full thesis by Laura Butera. A long read, but a very educated one. It covers almost everything regarding heightism.

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