Monday, 11 November 2013

Life Is Fair

I found something worth posting:

'If people say:
"I'm a short Asian, it's hard finding a girl."
"I'm ugly, it's hard finding friends."
Or anything like that, people will say,
"Stop complaining."
"Just be confident."
"Get out of your comfort zone."
"You just think the world has it out for you."
"Quit whining."
The lack of success of an individual is always because he did SOMETHING WRONG, and it is never the system or inherent flaws. Everyone has the potential to achieve everything and those who are at an disadvantage are only because they are lazy or stupid.
Then, when you point this out, they say,
"You should just stick to people your own league."
"What do you expect?"
"Too fucking bad."
"Try harder."
So my point is, when did we decide that the world is fair and that the starving homeless children have the same potential to become the next president as a rich trust fund baby?
I guess the world is fair, and everything wrong we only have ourselves to blame.'

Every issue about my genetics, school system, and family are my fault. According to most people, anyway. Even though all of that was determined before I was born.

It's funny when a bunch of conventionally average/attractive people, with 'normal' families and complete ignorance to the school system's flaws, lecture guys like me about life.

Whatever. First world problems. Let's just pretend society isn't shallow. People hate to be reminded of the hurt they cause. Every time they make a 'harmless' racist joke, mock a person's appearance, insult dropouts, break someone's heart, hit their child... it's all my fault. That makes sense.

I'm starting to think it might be secretly beneficial to burn myself. It's politically incorrect to say a handicapped burn victim's troubles are his fault, so at least the ugliness is somehow 'special.' When you're just normal but conventionally unattractive, everything is your fault. If you're objectively abnormal, however, people don't say shit to you. The dense populace has to see a war veteran missing his legs or a man with his face burned off to shut up.

Heard some girls like the Beauty and the Beast thing. Watch the film that butchered Alan Moore's 'V For Vendetta' as an example. Lots of women online think the protagonist is "hot" even though he's a burn victim under a mask. I guess he's literally hot, but anyway, I think the Beast thing only works if you're really tall to go with it, so never mind.

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