Monday, 18 November 2013

Cardinal Rule of Dating: The Male Must Be Taller. Why?

Here are a few reasons why most women fawn over tall men:

As a short female attracted to tall muscular guys, I think it's the impression of power they give off.

I'm 5'3" and my ex is a muscular 6'3". It sounds cliche, but I just felt so safe whenever I was around him. Like if there was ever any outside danger, he was big enough to protect me. And at the same time he could probably crush me in a second but I knew he didn't have it in him to ever hurt me. Something about the fact that he easily could but wouldn't. I feel like that doesn't make as much sense written out as it does in my head...

I'm 5'2" and my boyfriend is 6'4" and the reason why I prefer taller men over average size is that when I hug him there's a warm and safe feeling when my head is on his chest and his arms are around me.

I guess I always liked taller guys because I feel like they could protect me or something, plus imagine how cute our kisses would be! Him leaning over, and me standing up on my tippy toes-- it's just a cute image for a couple in general to me. :)

haha sucks for short men in todays world. unwanted and alone

If it helps I did date a guy that was 5 feet even in high school. He was in gymnastics and really sweet. Just no chemistry... Sounds like a toy.

I'm a girl so naturally I like guys who are taller than me. I like really tall guys though like 6'5" and above. (There's that 'naturally' bullshit again.)

These quotes were taken from this thread. There were only one or two girls who said they don't care about height. Imagine if this was about how much men love big breasted women with small waists. People would be riled up and call the guys 'shallow.' It's just a 'natural feeling' when women objectify men though.

What is with the need to prove how 'feminine' these girls are anyway? They're probably coming from the same place the alpha dudebros are. It's 2013 and people are still rooted in gender roles, while claiming to be so open-minded and educated.

Also, this guy's reply is spot on: 

"To the girls (most of you) with tall boyfriends:
Demand that he actually get some combat training. Really. Especially if he's middle class, because if he is all he'll do is windmill swing at a "bad man" and get his shit rocked. Then you'll realize you've got yourself a useless tall fucker in your house who statistically eats more than average sized people. Have you ever actually heard this shit before in public? They make you feel safe? Do women honestly think that being 6'2 and/or having a beard and/or tattoos makes you a master at combat? Holy hell that's horrible. I actually feel bad for tall guys now since they're expected to protect mouthy little 5'0-5'3 girls when they go out. Especially if the tall guy in particular is a pussy, which is just as likely as a short guy being one just to burst that bubble as well. Sure the guy may be as tall as Clint Eastwood but he's got the spirit of Conan O'Brian.s."

Part of me is angered by how people think short guys like myself are weak, despite being stronger than my 6'0 tall friends. On the other hand, I laugh at the thought of these women using their boyfriends as meat shields.

I know for a fact the "protection" excuse is bullshit, because those tall Korean actors girls fawn over are listed at 140-150 lbs. I outweigh these dudes thanks to powerlifting/grappling and a large frame, yet I'll always lose in dating to a skinny tall guy, because he can (somehow) protect better than I can. Trust me, most girls' idea of a muscular guy is not some 240 lb roided out heavyweight. All you need is some muscle definition/low bodyfat and they'll think you're a tall big man, even if you're below 200 lbs.

The love for tall guys is clearly a beauty trend, kind of like fat women or beards/body hair on men. Those traits used to be considered attractive, then they weren't, now they're making slight comebacks, and so on. Older short men don't have nearly as many horror stories about girls' height requirements. Also, indigenous/tribal cultures have no height bias in mating.

Again, I question if the abundance of tall guy/short girl couples is 'natural,' or just another rule based in gender norms like "men should have short hair and women long." Sure, men are three to four inches taller than women on average, but why is there such a lack of mismatching? Why is the height difference so much greater than a couple inches? Why do 5'0" girls seek out 6'5" men?

This article labeled 'Short Guys Finish Last' states: "The universally acknowledged cardinal rule of dating and mate selection is that the male will be significantly taller than his female partner," write Mr Martel and Mr Biller. "This rule is almost inviolable."

Rules rules rules... They are the bane of my existence.


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