Thursday, 14 November 2013

Show This Guy to Asshole Parents

"I grew up with hardcore asian parents. School and grades came first for as long as i can remember. Problem is, i am not a smart asian :/ Requirement was: Only straight A's or else.
Middle school (7-8th) Or else: Mom would decide what i would wear to school (Throughout middle school) (cold day -> wear all shorts, hot as fuck day -> eskimo wear, raining -> sandals and no umbrella) No social interaction until i brought grades up. Oh yeah, I had to walk ~5 miles home(no money for public transportation) if i did not bring back all A's.
Not being a smart person, i never got straight A's. So yes, all the above happened to me. What did i do? Took it up the ass, did not complain, and blamed myself for my stupidity.
High school: Exact same punishments except Mom did not dress me. Thank god. And yes, i never got straight A's in high school also.
Only good outcome that happened was that i got into a decent UC school. Other than that, my life was living hell. Was never allowed any social activities/interactions outside school. Period. No exceptions. Birthday? Too fucking bad. Group project? Do it by yourself. I remember asking my mom if i could go eat lunch with a group of people after school, and this is what she replied word for word: "You got a B in Spanish. You do not have any friends." So that was that. I did not go eat with them. I Ended up printing out a happy face, taping it to the wall, and talking with it everyday to try and keep my fucking sanity.
University(worst fucking 4 years of my life)
Made many UC schools, parents chose the one closest to where we lived so they could maintain complete dominance over my life.
Same thing happened, did not get straight A's.
So for 4 years in university, i had absolute no social interaction. Did group projects alone. Fucking shitty."

This young man is 23 and hasn't figured out that grades have nothing to do with intellect, so he's not very bright like he said, but never mind that. Point is, to the parents who push their children to ridiculous extents, this is what you'll end up with. A lonely, broken boy. I hope you're proud showing off this mess to your acquaintances.

He also said some girl liked him for months, but he pushed her away and she eventually went to some other guy. Reminiscent of the girls who liked me but I ignored like a jerk. I rationalize it by saying I hate anyone who believes in school, but sometimes I think it's because I'm afraid of getting hurt again. If my own family can utterly destroy me when I was an innocent child, what's stopping some normal girl from breaking my heart? Just some stupid shit to think about before bed.

Oh, and the replies to this guy's post told him to go see a psychologist. Typical. He actually did see a doctor, since he's a dumb school nerd, and all he got were meds. There is something funny there, if this situation wasn't so common. A person gets ruined since birth, and all people can suggest is the shrink. They really think it's that easy, to pay a stranger who'll undo a decade of family trauma with drugs. Logic is dead, no matter how high your grades are.

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