Monday, 18 November 2013

More Random Thoughts On Virginity

Firstly, a quick post on virgin shaming here.

Now, what exactly is so displeasing to people about men who are virgins? They do know that any sons they may have will be virgins in their lifetimes, right? Will they not touch or love them until they've lost it in fear of virginity cooties?

I don't get it, amongst most girls especially. It's like they would rather be used by some tall alpha dudebro, than be with a virgin who would die for them. I thought women get jealous? Why do they want to share their man's dick with a dozen other chicks?

I've always revered the few who lost their virginity to their soul mate and stayed together forever. Not because promiscuity is 'sinful' or any of that religious crap. I'm envious because that's so rare in a society that treats mates as a notch under our belts. You fuck somebody and leave, then laugh about it with your buddies like you won the world.

I guess most people are weak and cowardly, so they need something to boast/shame about, even if it's completely arbitrary. It's for the same reason they look to their report cards or IQ for an ego boost. An obsession with numbers in lieu of actual accomplishments. As one guy said, "keeping score is childish." That quote's for the douchebags who bring up how many girls they've laid when they realize someone is wittier and stronger than they are.

Somebody who has maintained a single honest, loving relationship should be more proud than the bar types who've fucked 100 people. That's my take on the emphasis placed on how much sex we've had.

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