Monday, 18 November 2013


Here's a reply I got from Laurie A. Couture about feminism: "I wanted to clarify that the anti-male bias of feminism is not “pseudo-feminism”, it is the core of political feminism. One needs to pause and ask oneself why feminism attracts such high numbers of hateful women and so much anti-male sexism if the group is truly “about equality”. Although many caring people align with the label “feminism” because they believe that it means they support women, they are not aware that the political core of feminism has separatism, male-blame, female-first, women = victims, men = perpetrators, and hatred as their agenda. Separatism and the act of calling oneself a label to distance from others (ie: “feminist” which in name, aligns only with female issues and separates from the suffering, pain, needs and human experience of males) is an act of violence. The world need humanitarians, not people who subscribe to “isms”, ideologies of blame and hatred or violence."

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