Sunday, 3 November 2013

Racism and Asian Males

"You know what's awesome? Casual racism against Asians, and especially Asian dudes. No one has a fucking problem talking about how every Asian guy must have a tiny Asian penis. No one bats a fucking eye. It's a joke that everyone believes. For all the non-Asian dudes out there, imagine if, from the time you were born, you were in a society dominated by people who assumed that you had a tiny penis and that much of your worth as a man was determined by that. Now imagine growing up that way for 20+ years. Now imagine the fucking impact that has on your fucking psyche. A real positive one, yeah. What are you supposed to do? Fight them? Get pissed? Correct them? Whip it out? It's a no win scenario. You either look like you're "overreacting" to a "joke" that everyone fucking believes, or you are way too defensive, or overcompensating. There's no fucking win. The greatest emasculation trick of 1 billion people on Planet Earth, ever.

"Society has had it beaten into them that anti-semitism and anti-black is just unacceptable. I've been called chink, charlie, blah blah, on down the line in a supposedly liberal college town. I've never heard anyone call someone else a nigger or a spic. It's totally unacceptable to do that"

"I've been outright rejected multiple times because I am Asian. Girls will just say "Sorry, I don't really like Asian men". I'm fine with that but it happens quite a bit with Asian girls as well, but I'm pretty chummy with most of them still, even if I have to fake it. I notice most of my Asian friends, as in EVERYONE of them bar the rich kids and extremely tall 6'5 Asian were FA. I'm not being racist but I just notice this, at least I have people to talk to empathise with. The worst pain happened when a girl rejected me then next week was in a relationship with a white guy. I'm fine with interracial dating, no in fact I support it but it makes me feel like I'm part of some unwanted group, that if I wasn't incredibly special in some way such as being attractive, tall, smart or rich then I'll never get a chance.

If this seems like a depressing Oppression Olympics post, it's not supposed to be. I'm more concerned about the school system and goverments than shallow dating based on height and race. I also realize there are women who don't mind short Asian men. My point is that society is far from equality.
To end on a positive note, here's one quote every minority should live by,

"Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you."

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