Monday, 5 August 2013


"Use your great talents to inform the community, Luke! Just keep doing what you're motivated to do. I hope you continue writing; you're an instrument of change!"

As if my words can change this world while I preach from quiet Vancouver.

I'm sick of this city's monotony. If I didn't need food and sleep, I would've left this town years ago, but I have no resources. Is that my fault? Probably, but society doesn't give opportunities until you're a certain age and have enough schooling. You either play by their rules until you're allowed into the slaveforce, or you're left in the dirt. Some individuals manage to crawl out of the ditches and make their own way, but most end up like me, with nothing to hold and nothing to reach for. Even those who win only achieve fortune or fame, and I don't care for such shallow rewards. I need funds to sustain my body, but if I want money, I have to conform my mind. What a conundrum. I'm stuck here for now and I am bored.

I need a life, but not the kind 'normal' people have. They can keep their friends and family, the materials and titles, their boring jobs with meaningless goals... I've had those things at one point or another, and they're all gone now. I need to escape from this prosaic place, and find something with lasting value. Still, a part of me appreciates being stuck in this hellhole, knowing the pleasure I will feel once I find my way out.

"The view from the top is all that much sweeter, if you never forget the rotten taste the dirt left in your mouth at the bottom."

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