Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Price of Piety

Would you be proud if your child lived by their heart and chanced failure, or would it please you for them to take the conventional path, even if the latter makes them miserable? How many parents dream of a child who graduates high school and college, then end up receiving the opposite? More importantly, how many moms or dads forsake their offspring once the kid defies?

It's ironic when parents throw graduation parties for kids who needed therapy/drugs to get through school. I just saw that scenario somewhere and couldn't help but vent. This was their defense for drugging youth who are defiant but otherwise healthy, "oh, my child got through school thanks to pills, and I couldn't be prouder!" It's sad when parents yearn for a pet child, but it's worse when souls are molded into trophies.

I would be content with a happy son or daughter, and any of their success would be a bonus. I don't think that's politically correct, is it? I'm supposed to 'push my children to do better' or something. I got pushed a lot and now I'm fucked up, so I'm going by personal experience, but what the hell do I know? I need to have kids of my own to criticize bad parenting, right? Whatever - I don't care what I'm supposed to do (as if that wasn't obvious).

If your kid genuinely wants to be an obedient academic, whose dream is to work under someone, then by all means be proud for them. However, to those who would hurt their own child for a 'good image,' you aren't ready to have kids. Unless you're prepared to love your children unconditionally, don't bring them into this world. If you ignore this warning, pray your own blood does not turn on you.

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