Sunday, 4 August 2013

I Don't Know How Cowards Work

What is with people ignoring me (online or in person) when something is bothering them? If I pissed you off, then at least tell me to my face before running off. That's what I do when I'm offended, but then again, that's probably why others avoid me. I'm a punk, but I'm not rude enough to leave others hanging. The worst part is when I'm labeled as an introvert by society's cowards, the ones who are too afraid to speak their minds, yet they're considered 'open' and 'sociable.' No... You're only good at putting up false pretenses. What causes someone to be so scared and dishonest to lie all the time? Are they just born weak? I don't know how cowards work, but to the goddamn sycophants and sweet talkers, you can kiss my ass.

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