Friday, 2 August 2013

Am I Doing it Right?

i am a gud person. since i was young i studied hard in school, got gud grades, and now have many degrees. i am well educated with a gud job and own a nice car. i pay my taxes and obey the law. i vote every year

i am not racist or homophobic becuz i have lots of gay and black/azn friends. i dun like hanging out with fat/ugly chicks, tall amazons, or manlets tho. just personal preference no offence

i go out socializing and have lots of friends, not like those virgins who sit at home and play video games. i respect women very much and would never hit them. their fragile little things and i will protect them becuz i defend any1 weaker than me. i have dated many woman and they told me am a nice guy. am also gud in bed :)

don't think am all nice tho. if any1 fuks with me i will drop dat faggot. i hate little kids who think they can fuk with me. they need to go back to school and get a education. any1 who fails in school is stupid. i am tough but smart and romantic too :)

i sign facebook petitions online to legalize weed and gay marriage becuz i support freedom. not like those libertardians and anarcists tho they r wackjob terorists. school harms learning? goverment is evil? wut? lol get a life derp. those ppl need help

anyway if your a young hot gal and i sound cool to you msg me and we can go for a drink ;)
The above is how to be a cool guy, correct? Am I doing it right? I hope so, because I feel tainted after typing this crap. I have interacted with too many boys who act like the above, both in person and online, so I figured I'd pay tribute to them. I'd also make one for bitchy cunts, but it's basically the same idea: lots and lots of shallowness.

*Sigh* The things I come up with when I'm bored...

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