Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Obey the Chain of Command

It's so transparent, this chain of command in our world. Teachers have no control over the school board, so they take out their frustration on students. These students have no control in school or at home, so they become parasites that latch onto authority to feel special. People in general have no control at the workplace or over the law, so they're insufferably harsh, especially towards children who still have youth's freedom.

Someone once told me to get used to this submission, because there will always be people who have authority over my life, like parents, teachers, employers, cops, politicians... Then I realized a year or two ago, that the worst any of them can do if I disobey is kill me. I have nothing to live for, therefore, I have no reason to obey anyone ever again. It is a wonderful feeling, something the obedient will never experience.

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