Monday, 1 July 2013

Saying Things You Don't Mean

"How are you?" "How was your day?"
I am so tired of hearing those lines. They usually manifest at medical appointments and such. I understand it's meant to be courteous, but a simple "hello" would serve the same meaning without the dishonesty. Most people end up lying anyway because they realize nobody cares why their day sucks, so they say "I'm fine. My day was good." What a waste of breath.

"I feel like you owe me an apology."
Have you ever had an authority figure (parent, teacher, cop, etc.) tell you to apologize even though you felt guiltless? Teachers pulled this on me whenever I had the nerve to reason with them and they called it "talking back." Personally, I never apologized and got into trouble but that's besides the point. Unless a person is truly regretful, their apology means nothing. It's better to help them understand what they did wrong so they issue an apology on their own. Otherwise, it's a transparent attempt to have the last word.

Saying, "Oh, I'm so sorry. My prayers are with you" when they see some tragedy online or on TV. I realize there are many individuals who are genuinely concerned about other people's mishaps. I'm one of them. However, I'm certain most do not have the slightest empathy for strangers. Most people barely care about their own children and their school depression. I'm supposed to believe they care about complete strangers? I believe this is an attempt to convince themselves they're good people without actually helping anyone. I doubt they even pray for the victims most of the time.

"I love you."
I do not believe most people understand what love is. Compare the amount of "I love you's" to the amount of broken relationships and you'll see what I mean. Not just in dating or marriage, but in friendship and family as well. I had people saying they "loved me" for years but the moment I got expelled from school, they no longer spoke to me. I do not believe true love is so easily broken. If you don't really love someone, don't say you do, because the eventual breakup becomes so much worse.

I'll be updating this page whenever I remember some other trite lines.

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