Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why I Can't Find 'Love'

I can't find myself being attracted to anyone who isn't a humanitarian. Many girls have liked me in the past, but I couldn't force myself to return their affections. They were too emotionally immature. They thought children should suffer in school for their own good, or governments should abuse our freedoms in the name of "security." If this is the crap I have to deal with to get laid, I'd rather be a virgin for life. I would just feel gross afterwards if I fornicate with such girls.

I have realized that I can only love someone who is capable of love themselves. They should be able to feel empathy for complete strangers. My girl wouldn't say "go see a therapist" or "grow up and deal with it" to a distressed teenager. She would actually listen to their story before choosing whether or not to validate them. As sad as this may seem, I have yet to meet any person like this, let alone a female who's single. I've seen many women online who are such angels, so I know they're out there. I've just given up on ever finding one.

Then again,
You can't truly love until you've given up on it.”

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