Sunday, 30 June 2013

Grades and Intelligence

You know what I hate? People labelling someone as a moron when they have low grades. Or calling others“uneducated” when they hold no diploma, degree, GED, or any other prestigious sheet of paper. This is relevant to me because I got expelled from high school in 9th grade. Luckily, nobody has ever mocked my intellect because my wit speaks for itself. Anyone who chats with me for a few minutes realizes I'm more well-spoken than most young men.

Still, it irks me when the masses believe the most illogical ideas just because they come from a distinguished figurehead. When I was in school, a class would pick the kid with the highest grades when they needed a “smart guy” to solve some dilemma. That A-student would then voice some typical, uninspired solution and everyone would clap. I mean, if the top student says something, their idea must be smart, right?

No, not in my world. This idea of“school=education” is all thanks to government conditioning and it makes me sick. They raise people to equate schooling with education, and grades with intelligence. How do you get good grades? By doing as you're told and memorizing information to regurgitate later. For literature and history, your essays better not conflict with a teacher's beliefs or you're getting marks docked, no matter how intricate your writing is. As for math and science, here's the process: a teacher/textbook tells you what to write, you put it down on a test to get your grade, then forget the knowledge 99% of the time. Real difficult task you've mastered there, gifted students. I bow to you in awe.

Personally, I prefer to judge someone based on their actions, ability, opinions and words. It's too bad most people disagree. I guess it's easier to praise the people with the highest numbers and call it a day. That way, you don't have to actually speak with anyone to gauge their worth. Funny, because they say I'm the one who needs to chat with more people. Maybe I would... if they weren't all educated only at school.

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