Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dispelling Heightist Stereotypes

Many men frantically try to dispel the "angry little man" stereotype. It's quite pathetic, and anyone who disagrees with them is swarmed upon:

Ignore the original point of the thread. Instead of simply claiming the OP is wack, apparently he has to worry about being a "short angry man."

It doesn't matter if a short man is "acting stereotypical." The fact that we're stereotyped is the problem, not whether or not we exhibit the behaviour. It's almost like saying Asian people should try their best to fail math, as to "not perpetuate stereotypes."

Every short man could be a snivelling sycophant, but the "Napoleon Complex" will still exist. The rules will not change until heightism is stigmatised. This stereotype itself is designed to shame short men into silence and submission, when we are (rightly) angered due to heightism. Self-improvement in this case is pointless, as friendly short men are simply perceived as exceptions to the rule. Instead of it being "he's a kind man" it'll be "he's pretty mellow for a short man."

I have an experiment. List off as many stereotypes for a short Asian male as possible, then try the same for a tall white male. I would bet money that the latter will always have less stereotypes. The point here is that certain traits, for whatever reason, have been granted freedom by society to be whatever they want. An angry tall man is simply angry, while a furious short man is clearly being typical. It's all bullshit so why play by their rules? Why appease them?

More on stereotypes: Are Stereotypes Based In Reality?

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