Monday, 27 May 2013

Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech

I'll make this post short. These days, even if someone is truly racist or homophobic on the inside, they can't say so publicly. Everybody loves free speech until anyone actually tries to use it. Personally, I'd prefer to know who the bigots are so I can avoid them.

Here's a funny story. I had an Asian friend who was going to retrieve his mail and some old man greeted him. My friend was preoccupied that day so he just looked and walked away. The old guy then says "stupid chink." Now, that was pretty amusing but it shows how someone can be nice on the outside but hate you secretly. I think the racist man felt compelled to greet my friend because you have to be nice to the minorities and make us feel welcome, right?

I dunno, either that or the old guy is bipolar. Point is, if you're a bigot just say so and we'll avoid one another for life. Don't keep me guessing because I loathe false pretenses.

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