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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Common Misconceptions About Height

Taller is healthier.
Depends how you look at it. For example, short men live longer on average.

Every younger generation gets taller.
The average American has not gotten taller in the last 50 years. In fact, average height in the medieval ages was only slightly shorter than it is now.

Height is mostly dietary.
It's the other way around. Height is more genetic than dietary.

Short men are angrier on average.
This study found that tall men fly off the handle more quickly.

Every human being innately prefers tall people.
They've done height studies on various tribal cultures, and these people don't care about height the same way modern society does.

Men and women are equally strict about height.
The average man's ideal height difference is for the woman to be 1 inch shorter. On the other hand, women desire men to be 8 inches taller on average.

Taller people earn higher wages due to superior competence.
This study found there was no wage disparity between the short and tall self-employed, concluding that the height wage gap is due to employer discrimination.

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