Professor Points Out Height Bias to Explain Racism

The writer is black and female, which means people aren't as likely to get mad at her for daring to compare height to something like race. I would link this whenever somebody misses the point of the analogy and spews the usual strawman: "Heightism doesn't have the same history as racism." Nobody ever claims it does. We're talking about how much better/worse someone is automatically treated for being born a certain way. No more, no less.

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  1. I read this article and have put it up on SupportForTheShort. Her words though, and the way she described it seemed obvious to me that she's happy and proud that she receives this "unearned privilege" based on her tall height. However, I will bet that she would lambaste in a minute, any White person who wrote something similar about their being White, and would call them a racist.