If a Short Man Doesn't Play the Role of Christmas Elf, He's a Pussy

"My old boss use to call me a keebler elf and I'd laugh. I even brought keebler cookies to our Christmas party and told people it's an old family recipe. You just can't be a pussy"

Obviously most people agree with the statement above (because it's just a prank bro), but once we remember how short men are promoted less in the workplace, all of a sudden this isn't as funny. After all, when people picture someone worth respecting, I doubt they picture a keebler elf. This behavior also sets a bad precedent because the moment a new short man arrives who wants to be taken more seriously, people will expect him to also play the elf, because the previous short guy had no problem with it. If the new guy doesn't, people will be offended. "Why can't he be more like keebler elf?"

Also keep in mind how society not only expects, but demands much more self-deprecation from men than women. I have never seen this much peer pressure for fat women to make whale noises in public, or towards flat-chested women to refer to themselves as ironing boards for the entire workplace to laugh about. I'm sure it happens somewhere in the corner of the earth, but personally I haven't seen it.

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