If the Size Difference Were Reversed, This Would Be Labeled as Little Man Syndrome

Before somebody says this is okay because the arrested guy was drunk or whatever (I still think it's excessive), my point is that short cops have been labeled with syndromes for less, nonviolent things like searching people for drugs. In this video, the comments excuse the tall guy due to drunkenness, even when he puts his hand on the shorter man's face at the start and even gives a patronizing little slap.

I find it funny how this society only has a specific syndrome/complex when the one in power is a short man, as lashing out over anything else (ugliness, penis size, breast size, weight, social status, using larger size to bully people, etc.), it's all filed under "insecurity" or whatever else. Only short men are singled out with a unique stereotype.

Most people take this as a sign that short men are so much more evil than everyone else, that the stereotype exists and is deserved. As for me, I find the idea of a group being more evil because of how they're born very prejudiced.

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