Is There Any Height Related Humor That Doesn't Degrade Short Men?

I came across this image the other day. It's the same old, and while everyone had a laugh, that picture is not the main focus of this post.

I actually wanted to elaborate on a point I saw one person make. They noticed how most "jokes" about short men are more demeaning than jokes about tall people. For example, tall people usually joke about showerheads, airplane space, etc. While a basketball joke may be unoriginal, it's also not implying tallness sucks. This is what people don't get when they say, "Well, people comment about my 6'7 brother's height all the time." It may be tired and annoying, but fact of the matter is that there's a reason why we say "tall, dark, and handsome." There's a reason why sperm banks ban all below average height men, not above. Being tall is considered a positive trait like being handsome. Now wouldn't you say there's a difference between constantly talking about how attractive someone is, versus how undesirable another person is? The latter can cross into into straight up bullying territory. There's a reason why short men have double the suicide rate of tall men. There's no comparison between the social treatment. It'd be like a bodybuilder comparing comments on his physique to the things a scrawny or obese person hears.

On the other hand, in the image I linked, the joke is that they don't take short men seriously. When people post the old "hand on short person's forehead," the implication is that they'll beat your short ass if you step out of line. In this one, the joke is that short men are unattractive/unpopular. In this hilarious one, the joke is that you're a bitch and not a warrior if women tower over you. Notice how the focus of the joke is always on the short man. I'll just end this point by saying that in our society, not taking women seriously isn't considered fun and games. I also can't remember the last time I saw women being pressured into self-deprecation. They can choose to be the butt of the joke if they want to, but I've never seen them being shamed into it. "Think of the girls with body image issues" is what you'll usually hear.

While we're on this topic, it's very rare to find a self-deprecating short man who doesn't make short men seem lamer once the joke is over. Are there any who make short men seem more powerful, sexier, etc. once their routine is done? It must be rare because I can't name one. Sure, someone can claim to "respect" a short man who makes fun of himself. In fact, I've seen that exact point made ("I only discriminate against short men who don't laugh at themselves/let others laugh at his height.)" See, the kind of respect I'm talking about is different. Fact of the matter is that many of these same people would think twice before mocking someone built like Brock Lesnar. With short men, people mock first then think later, and it's up to the short guy to respond in a docile enough way. If the excuse here then is that tall people are stronger on average, and that's why their form of "respect" is actually functional, then is it fruitless when women expect to be as respected as men? After all, biology doesn't care for political correctness.

When it comes to other forms of disrespect in today's society, it's up to the tactless and rude person to control their behavior. Another lecture about body shaming, anyone? On the other hand, when it comes to mocking based on height, it's up to the short person to mold themselves into the perfect punching bag. Merely commenting on a woman's weight is considered taboo, but you can outright shame a man's height and it's always just a prank. If he has a problem with it, then the issue is on his end. The double standards are the icing on top. Bonus points for the other side of the same coin, where people berate men about "toxic masculinity" and how bad males are at expressing grievances.

Related reading: "the use of self-deprecating humor by low-status individuals may be counter-productive, suggesting depression, defeatism, subordination, low self-esteem, and/or low mate value."

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