Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Check Out #SizeismSucks on Twitter

This is great and all, but I do find it funny how more people care about this than height prejudice, since being overweight isn't a genetic trait but height is. I know people only care about weight because it affects women, while height mostly affects men, but it goes to show how phrases like "fat shaming, body positive, etc." has definitely conditioned people to feel guilty. They even create studies about how the media affects the way we view women's weight.

People love shutting down talks of height discrimination with lines like, "prejudice doesn't matter unless you've been enslaved or killed," but clearly that isn't true because enough individuals care about fat people. Even if you or others don't care, enough people do, and that's fascinating to me. I've noticed in everyday life that if you have a fat person and a short man, the latter is more politically correct to mock (publicly anyway). Very amazing.

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  1. Thank you for this post Luke...but just to clarify a) being fat is also genetic b)our #SizeismSUCKS petition INCLUDES discrimination based on height among other things:) c) No, fat shaming isn't only impacting women and girls...it TOTALLY impacts men and boys- especially since we live in a world with f*cked up expectations (essentially BS masculinity stereotypes) on what being a "real man" is. We need to change that. Anyhow.. thanks for the post and if you're interested in learning all that our demand for human rights amendments entails - contact me. Have a great day.