Thursday, 2 February 2017

Apparently, Noticing Negative Media Portrayals of Short Men Is a Mental Illness

Basically, a guy watched the film La La Land, and made some observations about how (like usual) a short male is portrayed in an unflattering light while other groups were catered to. I'm not going to bother copy/pasting it (read it here if you want), but point is, he was then directed to a therapist and labeled as crazy/insecure.

I just find this funny, since if I pointed out a Mary Sue character, does that mean I (as a man) feel inadequate about being female? People point out stereotypical stock characters and lazy writing all the time, but if one notices a lame short man portrayal, people feel personally offended when it's called out.

If you want a non-subtle negative portrayal of short men, look no further than Shrek. Even big YouTube channels have pointed it out:

Personally, I think somebody would have to possess a really one-dimensional brain if lazy writing doesn't jump out at them. I even recall a time when critical thinking was applauded. Instead, we're supposed to sit in front of big screens with popcorn on our laps and drool coming out of our mouths. Don't get real, stay positive.

Even in random romance/comedy/children's films, observations like this are good for pointing out how society views a certain group. For example, since fat women have more social support than short men (plus-size models, fat shaming, body positive, etc), a fat lady was at least included in a positive way in La La Land. Short men? Not so much.

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