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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Confirming/Perpetuating Stereotypes: Part 3

Penalties for women who violate prescriptive gender stereotypes
Evidence suggests that female faculty members may suffer social reprisals for violating the prescriptive gender stereotypes that women should be deferential and not challenge authority. In one qualitative study of five medical schools, female faculty members reported “feeling as if they were treated like teenagers…or singled out as ‘disruptive to the department when they spoke up.” In another study, female residents felt pressured to avoid a “bossy” or “aggressive” tone when directing patient care. In the words of one senior male resident: “Ive seen men able to say things in just terrible tones, but its just accepted. Whereas if a woman tried that…” Apprehension of the negative consequences of transgressing prescriptive gender stereotypes can lead to self-silencing, in which female faculty “play it safe” and avoid speaking up in departmental meetings and other forums. - Source

Hmm... Sounds familiar. Difference is that most people these days try to "empower" women by telling them to go against this. Short men are expected to go along with it, lest the "Napoleon Complex/Short Man Syndrome" is confirmed.

Fact of the matter is that we're all (supposedly) equal members of society. I know it doesn't seem like that right now, with the way people view short men, but there is no reason why short men should have to behave more than the average adult from birth till death just for being born a certain way, just to not be discriminated against. Others need to be made aware of their behavior and prejudices.

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