Badass Facts You Didn’t Know About Tall People (AKA Why People Hate Buzzfeed)

Some good comments about this video:

I thought this video would be from just some one person youtube channel, but its from Buzzfeed? the company that goes on about gender equality/feminism/body appreciation? Then they post this fucking shit?

That was a bizarre watch. Yay - wage disparity! Badass! Imagine seeing a video illustrating the disparities between men and women in that tone. "When you're a man, you are interrupted less than women and people listen to you more - awesome!" 

This is why people hate SJWs. The double standards are so in your face. Can you imagine them doing the same video about sexism and showing how women are socially disadvantage with some catchy beat in the background? And then saying "Men, mother nature is on your side".

Notice how there were only men in this video... wouldn't want to imply that women are somehow inferior due to their height. That would go against body acceptance! But implying the same thing about men? A-Okay

Anyway, if Buzzfeed didn't have millions of viewers, this would just be typical. However, when big names like this start spreading such content, we're in some new shit. It'll only get worse from here, and to add insult to injury, this stuff is often perpetuated by egalitarian fronts. Nothing like a sprinkle of hypocrisy on top of prejudice.

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