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Saturday, 19 November 2016

"Short Men Shouldn't Act This Way, It Only Perpetuates Stereotypes Like Short Man Syndrome/Napoleon Complex"

As far as I'm concerned, there are only two possible explanations for the widespread usage of "Short Man Syndrome/Napoleon Complex" against short men:

  1. If short men would quit being so nasty, society would lesson their height prejudice. Short men bring the hatred upon themselves and should stop "confirming these stereotypes." Examples: [1][2][3][4][5]. This also makes it seem like short men are inherently worse human beings than taller men, because no free person is pressured into watching their behavior this much aside from school children or those on criminal watchlists.
  2. These stereotypes are rooted in bigotry and confirmation bias, cemented in history and therefore unfalsifiable. Example: even if no Asian ever ate dogs again for the rest of time, the stereotype would still exist in society's consciousness, and can be brought up at a moment's notice. Thus, the only course of action is to stigmatize these stereotypes being used as insults. Short men are simply not allowed to do things taller men do, and are given less leeway. Any indignation or a need to "compensate" is rightfully fueled by society's discrimination, no different than any other marginalized group (who aren't labeled with syndromes/complexes).

If anyone claimed the first reason against any other genetic group, that they're worse human beings on average and should behave or else, it'd be classified as discrimination. Unfortunately, that's the reason people use to justify their heightist stereotypes. Go figure, those nasty short men are to blame again.

Is there a certain quota of "good behavior" short men must meet before society erases the Napoleon Complex/Short Man Syndrome from history, never to be used again? Is there some kind of formal agreement that by a certain year, if every short man were more docile than any pet or child, society will finally stop this wanton labeling? Until then, what's the endgame?

The above is actually a trick question. Someone shouldn't need to do this in the first place, simply for being born a certain way. Crazy, right? Funny thing is, the moment a short man even brings up height discrimination, he's labeled with a complex/syndrome. I've seen short men who were polite and ready to patiently discuss heightism, but they got accused of "perpetuating the angry midget stereotype" simply because they discuss heightism. It's almost like there's zero rhyme or reason behind this. One could say, "well, people only go there because of past experiences with nasty short men," but why is it the bigot who gets the benefit of the doubt?

The whole idea of the accused having to prove their innocence is a bum deal anyway:
"Burden of Proof is a fallacy in which the burden of proof is placed on the wrong side... For example, in American law a person is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty (hence the burden of proof is on the prosecution)."
A person can't claim God exists then expect others to disprove it, that individual must prove it themselves. Likewise, people claim a man is more likely to be a bad person the shorter he is, then expect short men to behave their whole lives to prove society wrong. That's not how logic works, especially when the thing that supposedly makes it worse, is a short man acting the exact same way most people do, which is being angry or rude once in a while... Or in heightism's case, even daring to disagree with or defy someone will apparently "confirm stereotypes" (even when that someone could be outright discriminating).

When the burden of proof is placed on others, it turns out, and I quote, "The theory that short men end up as more aggressive than taller ones has been dismissed by a scientific study."

So what more is needed for short men to be let off this hook? No, anecdotes are not enough ("I saw a short man start a bar fight once. Proof of short man syndrome right there!") People with this illogical mentality are the ones who need reprimanding, not the short man being stereotyped. Yes, this is against what society advises (as short men are always front-runner for villain of the year), but is what I'm proposing so preposterous?

Let's also not forget the human folly of confirmation bias and the halo effect. If there was one short man rubbing people the wrong way, and two tall men doing the same, people would focus on slandering short men. When there's one or two short men people like, they still don't like short men as a whole, those short guys are just regarded as isolated cases. It's like how a racist can still have one minority friend. It doesn't suddenly make a person not racist, they just view their buddy as "one of the good ones," a mere exception. It's not until the prejudice itself is discussed that the entire group will be viewed in a less negative light.

I also don't care if the short man was actually offending anyone. That is not a free pass to start being a giant bigot. If anyone didn't like my Asian ass on a personal level, they can call me a dick all they want, but using Asian stereotypes to insult me becomes a whole other problem, especially if it's socially acceptable and even encouraged to do so like with short men.

If some guy had a sexist worldview against women and thought females were evil, is he now immune from women insulting or offending him in any way, lest they "validate" and "fuel" his worldview? Does a woman suddenly have to tiptoe around this guy in fear like he's her master, or else she's proving she's on her period or something? We all know what would really happen. Everyone would insult the guy by calling him a stupid misogynist and shit, unless we've come to the conclusion that it's actually better to live as a bigot, since people cater towards you like you have a magic barrier against offense. Of course, only heightists have this shield, immune from retaliation (by short men anyway). Sound kafkatrapping right there. Begs the question why anyone would even choose to stop being prejudiced towards short men if it means losing all this, essentially losing a one-sided contract signed at birth where short men have to behave more than everyone else forever.

In a hippie rainbows-and-sunshine fantasy land, it'd be great if nobody was rude ever, but currently, I cannot think of any type of bigot that's immune from repercussion aside from heightists. Fat-shamers, slut-shamers, and of course racists/sexists/homophobes are insulted on a regular basis, and the only ones who take issue with that are the bigots themselves. Society's consensus is "If you don't want to be mocked and ostracized, don't have bigoted worldviews... Unless you're a heightist, then short men have to watch their mouths around you like you're their parent."

Bottom line, short men are born guilty until proven innocent. That's what needs to be fixed, not short men's behavior. You know how children aren't allowed to swear as much as adults? The very idea that short men have to behave more than other regular adults is infantilizing and dehumanizing, like short men are kids or pets that need to watch it or face punishment. Speaking of which, the real power of these stereotypes is that they're like scolding a dog by saying "bad doggy!" Shuts up most short men like mutts. Then you have all the short people who threaten other short men with these stereotypes. They're like those who police and snitch on their neighbors. Good thing everyone else is always so vigilant, making sure those short men know their place.

Ultimately, the most ironic thing about all this, is how those who use these stereotypes are actually the ones perpetuating them (and yes, trying to censor a short man with them counts as using these stereotypes). If someone somewhere didn’t even know what these stereotypes were, now they do, only because the people who parrot “you’re only confirming these stereotypes” brought them up. Many times, the first person to even mention these stereotypes is the one warning short men to not perpetuate them. This particular blog post wouldn't exist if it weren't for people like this, and I myself wouldn't even know what "Napoleon Complex" or "Short Man Syndrome" were if I didn't hear it from others first.

Still, if we absolutely must play this game of "perpetuating stereotypes," here's a final one: humanity lives off of confirmation bias and prejudice.

TL;DR: Instead of simply saying “let’s both not be rude,” people would rather threaten short men into submission by bringing up “confirming stereotypes.” The latter is objectively heightist behavior. It’s up to a bigoted society – the one that uses stereotypes as behavioral control – to change, not those targeted by said stereotypes the moment their genetics are determined. This shouldn’t be complicated.

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