"Short Men Shouldn't Act This Way, It Only Perpetuates Negative Stereotypes." Part 2

I already made a previous post about short men and "confirming stereotypes" (like the Napoleon Complex/Short Man Syndrome), and now here's the follow-up.

I recently posted this thread on a forum for women as an experiment. I expected 100% of them to not respond seriously to such an obviously fake thread, but I actually got something out of it. The original post is removed, but that's fine. I just used the usual lines, like "acting this way only validates their worldview and fuels stereotypes about us, if we stopped then maybe they would cut us some slack." Only the stereotype here was, "most women go for alpha bad boys, which makes us women look bad and taints how men view us. I could see why boys these days are bitter." This stereotype is espoused by the growing Red Pill community.

My favorite responses from said thread:
"They're going to look down on me no matter what I do and they'd only be happy with my extreme submission and would give me nothing in return for it. This actually gives me more incentive to act how I want because it gives me nothing to lose. It makes me EVEN LESS bound to social norms. I have nothing to lose because even obeying doesn't give a reward or at least whatever I want. There's almost nothing to win by playing along."
"Just once, just frickin once, I would like it if folks stopped laying everything at women's feet and expecting them to change what they do, who they are, and what they want, just so that they don't have to do any sort of tremendously laborious thing such as not being an asshole."
Now, somebody could claim that I've gone too far and that by pulling this, it "confirms stereotypes" about short men and makes everyone hate us further, but that would be the ultimate irony, so it's up to you to do that. Either way, I saw enough of what I was looking for. Notice how they have no qualms about talking back or being unfriendly.

Through this, I have come to the conclusion that short people who fear "confirming stereotypes" are the most whipped group in modern society. I've seen fat people with more pride than most short men. I've seen bald guys and ugly people sooner defend themselves and draw a line somewhere. I can't remember the last time I saw a short man with that much fire and attitude, who didn't get chewed out by those in his own group let alone others. For some quick examples of what I'm talking about, here are the ones I posted in part 1 in cased you missed them: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9].

As you can see, I've been taking note of this for a while now, but it's finally starting to tick me off (oops, confirming stereotypes again). While I could try this with other groups too, like "shouldn't Asians purposely do worse in math, or else we come off like loser nerds?" doing this experiment once means I've done it a thousand times. Prejudice is prejudice and short men shouldn't have to police themselves to appease anyone. This is by far my biggest pet peeve when it comes to discussing height issues, because even those who claim to be against discrimination use stereotypes to threaten short men.

On this very blog, I've had guys throwing insult after insult at me, while at the same time warning me about "fueling stereotypes." Simply put, short men are pressured into playing by different rules. Society tells us not to judge an entire group based on one or two individuals, because that’s prejudice… Until it comes to height, then the responsibility to behave belongs to a short man somewhere who made the prejudiced people think that way. It's amazing how every individual short man carries the reputation of all short men on his shoulders. Maybe that's the reason for the shortness, it's a lot to carry.

All in all, the fact that people expect short men to behave more than every other citizen, just to avoid being discriminated against, goes against both realism and the very concept of equal treatment. 

TL;DR: Short men shouldn't have to live the "behave or else" lifestyle just so society has to, and I quote, "do any sort of tremendously laborious thing such as not being an asshole."

Part 3

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