Short Men Being Embarrassed Around Women/Children

Many believe short men should be embarrassed around women and kids, since men are "supposed" to be taller. Even most short men feel this way.

To me, this is like an Asian or white person feeling ashamed because their skin is darker than some African's. Black people are "supposed" to be darker, right? Whole thing is ridiculous. You can go elsewhere with this. Many men and women feel embarrassed when their date is taller/shorter than they are, respectively.

Never mind how all this is outside our control, yet it's viewed like short men are the only ones who arrived late for work or something. Example: "you're just mad that this kid is taller than you already." I'm sure it takes a special human being to be taller than someone.

It's sad how humans care so much about how things are "supposed to be." There was a time when interracial couples weren't meant to be. If only people had more perspective and open minds.

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