Friday, 22 July 2016

Height Preferences Vary By Country

"In general, a small man is twice as likely to be preferred by women outside the United States as within.
At first, one might think this is simply because the average height of men and women vary by country. For example, I've seen videos of women in Japan speaking about 5'9 men like they're the 6'0 guys over here. However, there's a problem:
"Except for the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, there does not appear to be a significant correlation between women's height in a country and their preference for a tall man."

Country5' 4" man % in
Median Woman's
United States11%65
Hong Kong13%63

Notice how the average height for women in America is not so different than those in Russia or France. This also goes beyond dating. When we examine politics, Russia or France has recently elected short men as President, but the United States has not. Also note how other countries do not have derogatory stereotypes about short men like the English speaking ones do, such as "Napoleon Complex" or "Short Man Syndrome." This leads me to believe the social status of short men is less tainted elsewhere, similar to how a non-Asian girl who consumes Asian media is much more likely to date an Asian man, because he's more than just a caricature or negative stereotype. Just my two cents on these statistics.

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  1. I have a story that proves exactly what you are saying about height vs country. I was waiting at the airport to fly from Houston to Paris, France. There was a young couple, and they had a small child in a hand held baby carrier. When they stood up to get in line to have their tickets scanned to get on the plane, the woman was easily 6’ and her husband came up to her nose. I thought how odd that there was this height difference. I got in line behind them, it was then that I realized they were not US citizens, but French.