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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I Have FINALLY Been Called An Idiot

In my entire life, I've been called an asshole, crazy, etc. but whether online or off, I have never had my intellect insulted. I'm dead serious. The last time I pissed some guy off on here and he left angry comments, he still didn't go there.

Today, I have made someone so mad that it's finally happened. The drought is over:

 The best a typical Richie Le fan can come up with.

First off, here's a link for anyone who wants the original post where I bury Richie Le.

Now, one would think I stole from the fucker who commented or something. Talking about heightism and self-deprecation makes people furious. The irony is that I'm accused of being "too macho" while this dude rages more than any dudebro I've seen. Then again, every short man who calls out this stuff is accused of some form of being too manly/angry/serious. It's like saying a woman is on the rag or a bitch the moment she's not a doormat.

Anyway, if this is what an intelligent, well-adjusted short man is like, I'll pass. Hopefully no short Uncle Toms or tall masters try to kick my ass. They even admit there's a "struggle," but why is that? What do people see when they picture a short Asian man? Think about it, then you'll understand why I trash guys like Richie Le, and why I'll continue to do so. Others create enough of this on their own, to the point where if every short Asian man never self-deprecated again, we'd still be screwed.

Picture Jet Li in the first Expendables film (hurr hurr I'm so short), or the short Asian guy in Two Broke Girls, or some Bobby Lee type comedian, or the Kim Jong Un Napoleon style propaganda [1][2][3]. This is not what we need more of.

As always, the only reason comments are even enabled is because I love hearing from my readers. Remember: we don't care about height itself here, we care about heightism. It's society that cares too much about height.

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