Thursday, 23 June 2016

Only One of These Evo-Psych Viewpoints Is Politically Correct

  • Men will always be preferred as leaders over women, because men are the stronger gender. Nothing we can do about it. Humans are hardwired to respect and fear the strongest. There are also studies showing how men are usually very smart or very dumb, while most women are merely average. This accounts for the greater number of male overachievers. A mediocre woman cannot compete with an above average male, and there just aren't enough above average women.
  • Homophobia should not only be tolerated, but encouraged. Humans are biologically designed to be repulsed by homosexual acts, as it isn't natural. If we were all gay, humans would fail to breed properly. Thus, homophobia is a natural defense mechanic to deter us from these acts.
  • Ableism is natural. A physically/mentally handicapped person would be left for the wolves during the caveman days. Resources were too scarce, and it's survival of the fittest. Trying to defend the handicapped the weak is to go against our instincts.
  • Racism is our brains telling us to fear outsiders and prefer our own. There is safety in the familiar. To stigmatize racism and promote diversity is to go against human nature. There have also been studies proving how blacks are less intelligent, so that explains why they may experience more struggles. Don't cry wolf about discrimination, blame science.
  • Anyone who complains about mistreatment of men is fighting a futile battle against nature. Since you would only need one male to impregnate over a dozen women, men are inherently disposable. Even if men have higher suicide rates, it doesn't matter because we are biologically designed to care for women over men, as they are more valuable for reproduction. This is why female problems will always take precedence over male problems, no matter how big or small. Deal with it.
  • Slut shaming results from the uncertainty of whether or not a child belongs to a man. Before DNA testing was invented, a woman with many lovers brought into question the chances of a male spreading his genes, his one biological purpose. How do you know you're the father, rather than her dozens of other mates? Perhaps none of these children are yours. Only a virgin is foolproof, which is why we're meant to revere virgin girls and shame sluts.
  • Fat shaming is the hardwired disgust humans have for unhealthy bodies. Since obesity is linked to numerous health problems, fat people should be openly and publicly ridiculed, so our children know what not to end up as.
  • Heightism is ingrained in biology. "Looking up" instinctively instills fear and respect, and tall men are heavier on average, so they're often stronger. Humans have always respected strength. There are also correlations between lower intelligence and shorter height. Taller people have been shown to receive better wages and jobs, further proving their superiority. Nothing can be done, nor should anything be done. Life isn't fair, and to fight heightism is to fight human nature.

Yes, only that last one is met with applause and nods of approval from the majority. Only that last one goes unchallenged even by those being targeted. Only that last one can be parroted on mainstream media or public settings without backlash.

All other views are met with disdain from the general populace. Studies about intelligence and race or gender are "debated," even though there are greater correlations between those than height. On the other hand, when it comes to studies about how short people are inferior, everyone simply says "of course!"

I also found a thread about sexism and biology. The objective was to challenge and change the evo-pysch viewpoint, and I thought the responses were very good. Take a look, but replace gender with height and you'll see what I'm talking about. Still makes sense, doesn't it?

P.S. Inb4 some relative privation bullshitter misses the point.

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  1. Slut-shaming, Fat-shaming, women-shaming, Gay-shaming, Racism, etc., all met with cries for justice; except of course, when it comes to height - specifically short men. Short women get a pass. They get a pass because they are women, and they've been "oppressed" by evil males. Twitter is a great example of this. Ninety-five plus percent of the hatred there for the short is directed at short men and NOT short women. And much of it comes from women. Oh yeah, there are tweets against 'short people', but the vast majority are directed specifically at short men, and most of those are by women. It seems short men are viewed as probably the most vulnerable type of man, and therefore can be disparaged with impunity. This has been getting worse and worse in the last few years. Short men are automatically characterized as "Beta males" and therefore are attacked wantonly. They are the "Pawns" so-to-speak, just like the pawns in a game of Chess. This is going to get worse in the next few years I predict.