Intimidation Is Only Positive When It Fits the Narrative

Intimidation is often used as a reason (and excuse) for heightism. Aside from how most people would fear a small tall man over a bigger short one, aren't Africans perceived as more imposing? Yet I don't see that helping out black people much statistically/socially.

For example, my mother is racist against blacks, saying she's afraid just being around them. When it comes to height, she fawns over tall stature like everyone else, yet is also afraid of tall men. So why doesn't she prefer black men over Asians or whites? She's not the only one I've noticed with these blind double standards.

I just find it funny how scariness is only good when some people want it to be. For example, muscular tall men are "alpha" and attractive, but muscular short men are ugly and compensating. Strong is strong. Scary is scary. What difference does height make?

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