Chimpanzees Care Less About Size Than Humans

"Like human leaders, some alpha male chimpanzees lead by brute force, while others play politics, forming valuable alliances with other strong males."

"In chimpanzee society, the 'dominant male' sometimes is not the largest or strongest male but rather the most manipulative and political male that can influence the goings on within a group."

Can you imagine a 4'11 man becoming President or Prime Minister? Maybe in some other country, but in the US or Canada, I wouldn't count on it even if he were the best man for the job.

Social skills aside, most humans also only care about height rather than overall size, so long as a tall guy isn't anorexic. Even if a 6'0 tall guy has thinner wrists, narrow shoulders, a smaller skull, etc. he'd still be eligible for sperm banks, while some short man built like a tank is automatically disqualified. This would be like if rhinos, hippos, and elephants feared giraffes because the giraffes are taller.

When it comes to height preferences, in or outside of mating, leave it to humans to break the 80/20 rule and turn it into something like 99/01.

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