Sunday, 14 February 2016

Interviews With Women About Male Height

The guy who conducted these interviews is over 6'0 tall, so no one can claim this video is some "bitter Napoleon whining" like usual.

The video itself reminded me of this comment I saw :
Honestly I have never known a guy who would whip out a tape measure to check the breast size of his potential date, or have her step on weight scales to check her weight before dating her. Its really just about overall body shape. But women unapologetically insist on knowing a man's height right down to the centimeter, and that is perfectly acceptable dating protocol in today's society. Why? If he is a centimeter too short, he is done. If he even slightly fudges his height he is labelled a dangerous liar and he is done.
The claim of "its just a preference" is meant to hide the ugly underbelly of height bias in society and to also help keep herself immune from labels like: "superficial."
I've also seen a lot of people miss the point of this video, which isn't just about "preferences" (aka the less narrow way of saying " requirements"). This video specifically pointed out how society has double standards about height and obesity, never mind how the latter isn't even genetic. This is what happens when men are constantly shamed for liking big breasts and thin waists and shit. It's all "unrealistic beauty ideals" and "perverts." Look at video games or comics to see how butthurt people get when a female character has huge breasts showing. Suddenly, men claiming "that's just what we want" doesn't cut it.

Meanwhile, especially with the invention of dating sites/apps, women are pickier than ever. It's about the hypocrisy, which is in the title of the video. Studies are even created about how we view women's bodies due to media, but with height, it's "we like what we like." This enables women to be pickier and pickier over time, while men become more and more tolerant, because they are whipped into feeling guilty about being "unrealistic." Check out what happens these days when some man implies that small breasts are a flaw. Hell breaks loose.

Also note how much stricter Asia is about weight. Many women considered thin in the West would be classified as chubby in the East. At least there, the men can be as picky as the women. Feminism has created a bunch of spineless hypocrites who refuse to hold women equally accountable when it comes to this stuff.

Here's a newer vid, again from a taller guy:

While we all know short men can still find girlfriends/wives, videos like these are useful, because many people don't believe how one-sided this height thing is until they see it for themselves. Then again, even in this video, at 2:49 we get the old "be yourself and be confident" line. The level of cognitive dissonance when it comes to height is pretty amazing.

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