Thursday, 10 December 2015

More Evolutionary Bullshit About Male Height

Excerpt from here:
"It makes sense that we've been culturally conditioned over tens of thousands of years to correlate height with strength, virility, and survivability. What once factored in as legitimate component in defeating other predators in our angsty hunter-gatherer days is now more or less a non-issue when it comes to one's survival. Unfortunately for our diminutive male friends, society hasn't shaken those vestigial prejudices about their worth..."
This crap will never die even though it makes no sense.

Every time height studies are done on primitive tribes, they do not share modern society's height fetish. What sense does that make? Shouldn't tribes who hunt with spears and arrows care more about height? Try grabbing 1000 people off our streets, then see how many think taller = better (spoilers: they all will). Ironically, domesticated couch potatoes worship height more than actual hunters.

Here's another one:
"By analyzing data from 7,850 married women, researchers from Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea found that the greater the height difference in a heterosexual couple, the happier the wife was. But why? Well, evolution probably has something to do with it. "Women evolved to prefer tall men because they were perceived to be stronger, and naturally they are happy when they have what they like," writes Sohn."
Women may be happier now, but they forgot to mention how tall men are more likely to divorce. Also funny how they came to their conclusion. In South Korea, their tall leading men are 140-160 lbs. For perspective, the average 5'4 Neanderthal was 170 lbs, some were 200 lbs. I just think it's funny how Korea's modern day "alpha males" weigh less than dudes from the cavemen days. Still, I'd bet most women in Asia would pick these guys over a short man with a bigger frame and more mass. Explain that in evo-pysch terms. Who would win in a wrestling match?

This world selects for height and not overall mass or frame, even though that's what actually matters in the wild. I don't see elephants running from giraffes. Women do not have height and weight requirements, they only care about the former. You don't have to be a tall heavyweight to date them, you can be a tall featherweight. A small-boned tall guy will have more dating options than some stocky wrestler from a heavier weight class. That's fine to prefer tall and skinny, but when most women in a country choose that, don't pretend to understand strength or combat.

Here's a good article that brings up this point:
"For example, when it comes to the better-protector argument, the truth is that plenty of short men exist whose overall weight and muscular strength far eclipses that of many tall men, but that logic doesn’t seem to persuade many women to give a short guy a chance."
Now here's the typical "I feel protected just because he's tall" mentality I'm talking about:
Actress Choi Ji-woo said, "I am satisfied to have acted with Lee Sang-yoon. The excellent thing about acting with him is that I will glance up to him because he"s tall and I will feel susceptible and needy of protection".
The guy she's talking about is 160 lbs. People are out their minds. So educated. They should conduct these same studies with Asian women about white men. Wonder if they'd still promote "evolution" when the results come back biased. "Women prefer white men because they are perceived to be naturally better." Publish that shit.

If you want a final red flag, statistically, more women would choose a 6'0 tall guy over a 7'0 tall guy. Explain that in caveman terms. If taller is simply better, why does that happen?

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