"It's okay, there are women who look past a short man's height. She'll ignore your flaws if she loves you."

My sister loves repeating that line. Then she looks legit retarded when I challenge her notion that short men are intrinsically flawed, like I spoke some alien language or some shit. People cannot fathom this idea that short male height is not a disease, the same way they challenge the notion that smaller breasts are uglier.

Imagine a world where people say "don't worry, there are women who will accept you, despite you being Asian" like it's a fucking illness of something. How messed up does that sound? Yet it's universally okay for short male stature? What a joke, especially when you're usually the strongest man in a room.

I don't expect otherwise from some 5'0 Asian woman who goes gaga for 6'0+ white men. Still, she isn't the only one I've heard this from. Whole world is full of fucked up people who expect us to accept our implied inferiority. It makes us positive, content, and acceptable if we do.

Fuck that. Rather be branded a freak for standing up for short men, than be accepted as inferior scum. If some girl thinks my stature is like leprosy, she can kiss my ass. That goes for everyone, in fact.

Also related: I say, "I'm a short dude" as a nonchalant matter of fact, when talking about clothing or something. Then someone else goes "No, you're not short to me! Don't call yourself that." Yeah, thanks for treating it something dirty, something to be swept under the rug, you pieces of shit."No no, you're not Asian, you're white!" Sounds dumb that way, doesn't it?

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