Heightists and Their Evo-Psych Double Standards Regarding Attractiveness

  1. Claims humans are biologically programmed to bow down to tall men, because bigger cavemen were stronger.
  2. Mocks short, stocky, powerful men for compensating or looking ugly. Prefers weaker lanky guys instead, because "they just look better."
  3. Repeats step 1 to explain why all tall guys look better, as most people think taller always equals bigger.

Don't know about you, but this sounds like choosing giraffes over rhinos and elephants. People can do that all they want, and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. I wouldn't want skinny tall guys to switch places with short men. That would be too cruel. Just don't pretend like this is about strength or ability, else stocky men wouldn't be mocked so often.

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